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Tired of:

-all the little things stacking up

-being anxious in your own home

-feeling like you are taking care of everyone but yourself


Our team is ready to serve you!


get your valuble time back and stop wasting it cleaning! Or give us a call at (515)473-8673


Are You Spending Endless Hours Trying To Keep Up With Your House?

From dishes to laundry, to vacuuming and scrubbing, the job to keep your house clean never seems to stop!


You can get those pesky chores done stress free!   Click the button below to get your weekends back!

Relaxing on Hammock

Why Choose Luxury Home Cleaning?


Why spend time cleaning when you could be relaxing? Here at Luxury Home Cleaning LLC its our mission to spread JOY through cleaning. When you choose Luxury Home Cleaning LLC you get back your free time, get personalized service, and support a local small business.


We only have professional cleaners that incorporate our core values. Our cleaners are always on time and ready to help out with whatever you need. They are ready to get your home clean quickly, effectively, and with a smile on their face!



You deserve a break. And so does your home.


Luxury Home Cleaning LLC is here to make sure your home sparkles.

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