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All of the little things are adding up!

You have another baby coming and your husband is so patient and loving and you just want to keep your house at a certain level but just having that bench mark at a little higher level than is realistically possible. With another baby coming he suggested checking out services


You have a dog and have to several times a day run the vac but you have white baseboards that get dirty and just having a scrub on the oven sometimes. Just to have the daily maintenance elevated and the bathrooms


Its stressful for you but you know for your family its really stressful he works a high stress job and everyone expects it to be clean.

You've just been overwhelmed you have a full time job and then try to do what you enjoy and its hard to keep up when you just don’t have that many hours at home. 


You've tried to get on and get weekly and daily schedules, but you know you just get home and make super and do laundry and then its like I didn’t do what I'm supposed to do that day so then you know Saturday comes and then you try to do something fun feeling terrible that some things didn't get done that week

You just don't have time unless You don't sleep


It gives you anxiety all the little things like the bathrooms and shower. The little things like dusting that you didn't get a chance to do. 


Its effecting your relationship with your family, you are trying to do it all take care of the kids and your husband and sometimes you think they forget we’re human. And then you put some of that other stuff on the backburner. And we all prefer to have a clean home. you feel like your not doing your part. 


You feel guilty all the time that you know things need to be done. its a terrible feeling sitting there trying to enjoy watching a movie thinking of everything that needs to be done.


You both work full time jobs and its hard to keep up on everything. You try to minimize the mess your children make but its not so much minimized. Its not working out to great.


Coming home to the mess, you try to walk past it and ignore it, you work late so there’s never any time for you to work on it. You have no energy to clean, and just eat out a bunch. 


Bath Time
Working from Home
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