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We reimburse training and insurance cost!

-We work with you to get you set up as a cleaning subcontractor to clean for us

-We pay you $50-$100 per house +Tips +Bonuses. We pay every Friday for Friday to Thursdays cleanings of the previous week. 

-We want to ensure that you know this is a contract (1099) job.

You will need to have your cleaning training certificate, general liability insurance, w9, and subcontractor agreement on file with us, as well as cleaning supplies before you can get scheduled for cleanings. 

-Once you have all those in place you can start cleaning houses!


-We pay you a $200 BONUS to cover the cost of training and insurance after your first 5 cleanings!

--Click the button to get started on training now! Once you have signed up you will receive an email with the forms we need for you to begin cleaning with us.

-Do you have any questions for me?

you can schedule a phone interview CLICK HERE

or email

**Numbers and payment amounts are examples only, not a guarantee. payment is dependent on your performance and the demand for cleaning services.

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